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Firefly Hush

Silent Serenity

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Firefly Hush - Silent Serenity
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Firefly Hush - Silent Serenity
is a textless icon challenge community.

→ First and most importantly, you must watch or join the community to post icons and/or to vote.

→ All icons must fit LJ specifications. That means your icon must be less than or equal to 40KB, 100X100 pixels, and be in PNG, JPG, or GIF formats.

→ Do not post your icons (or any variations) anywhere else until the challenge is over. Do not include your username in the icon file name.

→ Please only enter new icons made from scratch. Do not use an icon that is old or made by somebody else. It's a challenge! Use your own work. If you're suspected of using someone elses icon, you'll be disqualified & banned.

→ No text is allowed at all unless otherwise specified. This is a hush challenge. Tiny, unreadable text is not allowed. Text is text, no matter what size. This also means no textures with text or brushes with text.

→ If all the rules stated above are not followed, the icon(s) will be disqualified.

→ The community header was made by lostcointoss, and the profile banner was made by vaguelyclear, both for Challenge 50. The moodtheme is by zaida_weasley

→ Each challenge lasts 10 days. You have 7 days to submit icons and 3 days to vote.

→ Each challenge will usually have 2 parts. You may submit up to three icons for each part unless otherwise stated. You do not have to enter both parts.

→ Real life happens. All challenges, voting, and results will be done on time or as soon as possible.

→ Post your icon or icons in a comment with the challenge post. Use both IMG SRC and URL. Please host them on a server that allows hotlinking! We suggest and use Photobucket. If your icon doesn't show up because the URL is broken or it has been deleted for some reason, it won't be included for voting.

Voting and Results
→ Votes are weighted, which means that the icon you give first place gets more points than the icon you give third place.

→ You can only vote for first (1st), second (2nd), third (3rd) place and the Special Category.

→ Do not vote for yourself or ask anybody else to vote for you.

→ Every challenge, one icon from each part will be picked to receive a Captain's Choice award.

→ The winners will receive banners made by one of the banner makers. Please leave your icon uploaded until banners are made to make it easier for us banner makers.

Special Voting / The BC's
In order to spice up the voting process and allow more winners, we've included an additional category each week called The BC's. Along with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, one BC will be awarded. Also, an icon can win a place, as well as BC. (i.e. #14 can win third place and BC.)

→ Best Color

→ Best Crop

→ Best Composition

→ Most Creative

→ Best Use/Interpretation of a Theme

For handy screencaps to use in the challenge try one of the following sites:

Can't Take the Sky [still-flying.net]
Caps by _jems_ [Firefly and Serenity]
Caps by crystalkirk [cruel-kindness.net]
Caps by killcolor [disparue.org]
Caps by boxed [Serenity]

Screencaps used in challenges will be from any of the above mentioned sites or taken by the mods themselves.

Moderators & Banner Makers


The banner makers are:


back-up banner makers are:


More banner makers are currently needed. Reply here to apply.


If you're looking to affiliate with us, please comment on this post. We always welcome new affiliates. Communities with six months or more of inactivity will be removed from the affiliates list.

Be sure to go to the_cortex for your daily Firefly fix!
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